Frequently Asked Questions

Often we are asked questions about service schedules or recommendations on maintaining equipment to peak performance.  With years of experience in the service  of Industrial Air Compressors we share anything we can to help our customers succeed and avoid trouble with their systems.

When should I perform service on my recip compressor ?

Most all manufacturers recommend every 6 months if the unit is in a clean environment. If the unit is in a dirty environment service it every 3 months.

When should I perform service on my rotary compressor ?

Most all manufacturers recommend every 3 months or 1000 – 2000 hours of service. Location and environment can change these requirements.

When should the separator & oil be changed on my rotary unit?

Annually unless your environment is dirty or you have had a bad oil sample taken showing the oil is breaking down.

What basic tips can help my compressor operate better ?

Check the oil level weekly or daily if needed. Blow the coolers off weekly to keep the coolers operating at the maximum capacity for cooling. Check inbound power to ensure your power source is not to high or low. Check for loose fittings, electrical, and piping.

Do we need to take oil samples ?

Yes an approved lab can tell you specific details about the content of the oil to ensure it’s lubricating capacity has not been compromised.

Do we need to perform vibration test on the airend ?

If your location has the technology to perform them we recommend them since in most cases this can tell when the airend is starting to have bearing failure. In most cases the oil sample will show metal contaminates as well.

Why is my rotary compressor passing oil ?

This can be caused from multiple things but commonly the scavenge line is plugged up or the separator is bad. Depending on the age of the compressor you can have a bad minimum pressure check valve. Rotary units will also pass oil if they load and unload to quickly.

Why is my recip compressor passing oil ?

Most recip units pass oil when they have bad rings or valves. It’s very common to rebuild both parts when these issues start.